We have now started to receive our order from Dure Pharma! Dure Pharma are based in Switzerland and manufactured there. Dure Pharma products are manufactured in pharma grade conditions to a very high quality and EU standard. Dure Pharma products will come with verification codes starting with the next batch (our first batch does NOT have verification codes). All Dure Pharma injectables will come with an imprinted DP - SWISS MADE on their caps. Also the label will have a silver foil logo "DP" The Dure Pharma website is currently being finished and they have advised us this will be live in late August, verification codes will be check via their website. - WWW.DUREPHARMA.CH We have received Dure Pharma Test-E and expect more next week. We are offering the Dure Pharma Test-E for an introduction price of £34.99 (normally £39.99) If you have any questions regarding Dure Pharma or anything else please feel free to drop us an email! 101 Fitness Pharma