Pharmacom Fakes - BEWARE

Boxes do not have Pharmacom colours, fonts, even paper. Codes are still on stickers, which Pharmacom have not used for about 4 years. Even when Pharmacom used stickers, they were located horizontally, not vertically. Codes can be checked as genuine, but the Pharmacom website will say that those codes were checked numerous times before (it will provide exact number, how many times it was checked). This is because the codes have been copied and the same codes used for multiple items.

Another case of Pharmacom counterfeits has been found in Egypt! Counterfeiters not only tried to copy design of the Pharmacom packaging, but also cloned the main site and hosted in on the fake domain Be careful, difference is only in one single letter! 

All our Pharmacom products can be verified on the official Pharmacom website and we are an official reseller.

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